Map of Memory Lane

Francesca has written a richly illustrated book for children that introduces the importance of memories of those we love who have died. Children are one of the most vital aspects of our society, and yet they are often the ones left out of important conversations, particularly about death. WYD speaks with Francesca about her new book.

Relating with Mesothelioma

“It’s never easy to lose someone you love. Losing a loved one to an aggressive cancer such as mesothelioma can be even more difficult, because a family member or close friend may be taken far too soon, bringing a sense of shock with feelings of grief, sadness and even depression.” The Mesothelioma Center has created … Read more

Grieving Everyday Losses

Grieving Everyday Losses

We are aware of the great losses in life, but what about the small ones? The American Counseling Association acknowledges that we have little griefs every day that we don’t recognize. Tags Dealing with Grief, death community, preparing for death WYD TeamThe When You Die team is committed to bringing death back into our everyday … Read more