Nearing the End of Life: A Guide for Relatives and Friends of the Dying

Sue Brayne’s Nearing the End of Life, written with Peter Fenwick, provides an unvarnished yet sensitive guide to what to expect during the dying process of a loved one. The guide focuses not on the minutiae of, for example, funeral planning, but on topics such as how to listen well and “what happens if my … Read more

What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying

purpose right now, without waiting until our last breaths,” says author Dr. Karen M. Wyatt, M.D. “This is the gift left behind by those who have already passed on before us: the knowledge that there is hope for negotiating the dangerous waters of suffering. There is a way through the darkness of illness and loss and it … Read more

How to live and die without regret: learning from those facing death

How to live and die without regret: learning from those facing death

Many of us become distracted by the pressures of work, the expectations of others and the demands of every day commitments. But nothing can change your priorities quicker than being faced with your own mortality. Bronnie Ware has seen this many times in her role as palliative caregiver. As she spent the remaining weeks with those … Read more

Communicating End-of-Life Care Wishes With Clinicians and Family


Nursing@Georgetown created a new guide to help individuals with terminal conditions navigate and effectively communicate difficult end-of-life decisions to their family and clinicians. This comprehensive resource includes a list of questions patients can ask physicians about end-of-life decisions and a PDF worksheet on values history. You can access “Communicating End-of-Life Care Wishes With Clinicians and … Read more

How to Tell People You Are Dying

how to tell someone you are dying

For those with a life-ending diagnosis, there is so much to process. But one of the hardest things may be telling those you love. Click here to read the full article >>   Tags Death Conversations, preparing for death, talking about death, terminal illness WYD TeamThe When You Die team is committed to bringing death … Read more

Talking to Dying Children

Dying child

By their very nature, children are curious and questioning. But how much should they be told if they have received a terminal diagnosis? Barbara Karnes, an RN who has worked with dying children, provides resources to help in those hard and heartbreaking situations we don’t want to even think about, let alone face. Click here … Read more