Protecting Our Kids From the Emotional and Physical Toll of COVID-19

“Teaching my children, and myself, that you can’t always have things your way.” Emily Dagostino writes about teaching her children to be brave. Read the full article here > >     Tags community, Death Conversations, Death Culture WYD TeamThe When You Die team is committed to bringing death back into our everyday conversations as … Read more

Racism and Death: Is it Possible to Die in Peace?

Death doula Alua Arthur brings six Black death positive leaders together to talk about racism in a predominately white industry and how to change it. The LA Times covers this ground breaking discussion. Read the Full Article here > > Tags death conversation, Death Culture, Racism and Death, Racism and Grief WYD TeamThe When You Die … Read more

Caitlin Doughty speaks to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross

Caitlin Doughty is out to reclaim death. The Los Angeles mortician, author, and founder of the ‘Order of the Good Death’ and ‘Undertaking LA’ speaks to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross about our society’s reluctant relationship to death and how honesty is the cure.   Audio Source:   Tags A Good Death, death conversation, Death Culture, Death … Read more

Good Ground Great Beyond – A Place to Contemplate Death

Good Ground Great Beyond

Good Ground Great Beyond is 63 acres of land in Midcoast Maine available for individuals and communities to contemplate, remember and engage death differently.  The intention for the land is to become a contemplative community sanctuary, memorial park and scattering garden and space for open air cremation. Our mission is to gather minds and hearts together … Read more

Communicating End-of-Life Care Wishes With Clinicians and Family


Nursing@Georgetown created a new guide to help individuals with terminal conditions navigate and effectively communicate difficult end-of-life decisions to their family and clinicians. This comprehensive resource includes a list of questions patients can ask physicians about end-of-life decisions and a PDF worksheet on values history. You can access “Communicating End-of-Life Care Wishes With Clinicians and … Read more

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