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We need your help and appreciate what you can offer: money, stories, great ideas that will help us make our documentary, and continue the work with the When You Die project. We are passionate about normalizing the conversation about death, rousing curiosity, and getting people to ask good questions.

But we can’t do it without you.

If you live in the US, you can donate money to the WYD project through From The Heart, our fiscal sponsor. This makes US donations tax deductible.

We are hugely grateful to From the Heart for their ongoing support and hope to find sponsors in other countries as well. Contact us if you can help us do that!

For all other gifts, please use the Paypal button below.

Here is the list of donors:

Richard Lowe

David Maginley

Conner Loomis

Elizabeth Eve

Edwin Harris

Harry Cook

Robin Johnson

Jan Cressman

Sue Brayne

Marlou Russell

Andrew Holocek

Nancy Hunter

Miyuki Embree

Teresa MacInnes

Dean Radin

Robert Reichner

David Frevola

Sarah & David Cox

Rosemary Neubauer

Peter Fenwick

Gina Schwartz

Molly DeShong

Kent Nason

Paul McIntyre

Anne Magoun

Jaki Connaughton

Penny Sartori

Susan Stackhouse

Sheryl Cautero

Elly Claire Hart

RT Bates

Nadia Darkazanli

Dennis Tuma

Francoise Guyaux

Steve Baker

Janice Evans

Liz Richardson

Jennifer L. Erickson

Nell Minow

Alexandra Montgomery

Sheryl McDougald

Gary Hubiak

Kathie Brown

Alexandra Montgomery

Andy Karr

Heater Scott

Annie Abdalla

Edward Harris

Richard Lowe

Terry Rudderham

Paul McIntyre

Connor Loomis

Jacqueline Connaught0n

Elizabeth Richardson

Sea to Sea Productions

David Frevola

Paul Cashman

Deborah Jones

Ian Startup

Miya Embree

Janice Evans

Jan Cressman

David & Sarah Cox

Joanna Francis

Teaching Transitions

Robin Isaccs

Arlene Radasky

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Newsletters are few and we promise never to spam you or share your contact information.