Let’s talk about death

The last conversation you want to have shouldn’t be the last one you do have. The When You Die Project is here to facilitate a cultural dialogue most often avoided — one that begins at the end.

We believe talking about death isn’t dangerous but, conversely, can nurture happier, healthier individuals and families who approach death informed, inspired and with a sense of humor. The way we live has progressed immensely since the industrial age, yet the way we die has stayed largely the same. Many of the changes that have developed — such as 80% of people dying in hospitals — seem to us to be the opposite of progress. We believe it’s time for a death revolution and that the best way to start that revolution is simply by talking.

From green burial options to the latest in science of the afterlife and death resources, we aim to keep you in the loop about all things death-related.

WhenYouDie.org curates voices from palliative care doctors, leading researchers, death doulas and the bereaved as well as poets, comedians, artists and everyday people. Plus, our team is always creating new content to keep you up-to-the minute on death news and culture.
Morbid curiosity welcome.

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