In the Realm of

Death & Dreaming

Does consciousness continue after death?

About the film

In the Realm of Death and Dreaming is a documentary film that asks the big question: Does consciousness continue after death, or is it lights out?

Director Johanna Lunn guides viewers on a journey to find answers by, exploring personal stories of near-death experiences, deathbed visions and more. She speaks with the leading clinicians and researchers who have spent their careers studying these experiences and the nature of consciousness. Their stories are revealed with humor and compassion.

Exploring what happens after death not only helps us decide how we want to be cared for at the end of life, but it reduces our fear of death and that, as is often said, helps us live more fully.
Researchers, clinicians, and near-death experiencers, who have spent their lives exploring death, dying, and the great mysteries of what happens after you die, share their wisdom.

Director's Notes

Over a two-and-a-half-year period, starting when I was 19, three very significant deaths appeared in my life that completely cracked my world apart. Because people didn’t know how to talk about death, I felt isolated, ghost-like. Talking about death was really taboo at that time. Although it was difficult for me, on reflection and with the advantage of time passing, I realize now how hard it must be for the dying when the people who love them most are afraid to talk with them.

My hope is that people walk away from this film asking themselves, “What do I think about all this? What do I want when I die?” My goal is not to tell people how or what to think, but to encourage the dialog, the questions and even, perhaps, some answers. To make conversations about death a normal thing, that happens before we enter the final journey, and not something that occurs because we are unexpectedly thrust into the situation of having to talk about it.

What People are Saying About the Film

Jo Ann

I witnessed my dad’s spirit (a white mist) leave his body at least an hour before he took his last breath. Before his spirit left his body, he kept holding his arms up as if he was being lifted.

Jan W

Beautiful, skillful, deep, clear, kind, clever, obviously brilliant, and no doubt will be helpful to many people. I hope you can disseminate it widely. Thank you all. Most warmly.

Kim Maheral

That was wonderfully done! Thank you


Thank you for the opportunity to pre screen this film.

My question…after a person experiences a NDE, how do they continue to live on the Earthly plain in a contented, satisfied way? It seems everyone would want to back to the place of expanded consciousness…


This film brought me to tears several times, dying seems to be such a sacred journey. When I worked with Hospice and with the deaths of family, it was a time of heightened awareness,. I felt the energy and movement with each passing. There were reunions with dead family members, words of wonderful things awaiting us, and other meaningful experiences.
I also agree that science and faith are joining more today than ever before. What I had believed with faith alone is now being explored and explained by science.
Thank you for the film. I enjoyed it immensely.


Wow……… thank you for easing my fear of death ❤️

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Johanna has worked in the film and television business for over 30 years. In that time, she has started up a PBS station, created a ground-breaking children’s film festival and was Artistic Director of the Atlantic Film Festival. She also launched the Independent Film Channel Canada, produced and directed over 150 hours of award-winning television, and produced and directed five documentary films, one of which won Best Documentary in its class at Hot Docs.

“At a young age I witnessed a number of significant deaths that completely cracked my world apart. Because it was taboo to talk about death at the time, I felt terribly isolated. Looking back on those experiences, and with the wisdom of having done much research on dying, I have learned that death, like birth, is one of the most extraordinary events in life, and it is critical that we learn to talk about it.”

Executive Producer

James H. Hoagland





James has been working in the film and video industry since 1976, as a producer, camera operator, sound recordist or editor on over 30 motion pictures. James also served as an archival technical director in Nova Scotia where he was responsible for restoring over 300 hours of deteriorating video tapes.

“When Johanna proposed the idea of doing a project together around end-of-life issues, it felt really right to me because both my parents had recently passed away, and the thought of a series on life’s last journey into the unknown seemed like an important project to undertake.”