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New Episode of the When You Die Podcast!

Dr. Jessica Zitter, author of ‘Extreme Measures’ and star of the Netflix doc ‘Extremis’ and host Kelly MacLean discuss the ‘end of life conveyor belt’ most Americans wind up on and how introducing Death Ed in schools could change a death-phobic culture in one generation.

Introducing In the Realm of Death and Dreaming, our 2019 Documentary

Since its origin, humanity has posed the question, ‘what really happens when you die?’ The presumed answers have defined culture, religion and community as we know them. Through a combination of near-death experiences, personal stories and scientific research, the documentary explores whether consciousness survives death, and why it matters when choosing end of life care.

Flesh eating mushroom suit, anyone?

You’ve eaten a lot of mushrooms in your life…maybe it’s their turn to eat you. Coeio’s Infinity Burial Suit with mushroom super spores is the only known way to return a body to the earth sans the hundreds of toxins accumulated in life. 


When Death Is Not Separate

The way of death in North America is not the way in other cultures. Anthropologist Kelli Swazey asks, “What would life be like if the dead literally lived alongside you?”

8 Ways to Be There

Teacher, writer and coach, Heather Plett found herself in the role of student when her mom was dying and her family brought her home to do so.

Tell Him It’s OK to Go

When we’re facing the most challenging moments that life has to offer, when we’re feeling most broken, it’s amazing what shows up.

New Burial Grounds

Considering what happens to our bodies and the bodies of our loved ones after death is a new thing for many of us.

The When You Die Project: Hosting the  conversation you’ve been avoiding. 

From existential afterlife questions to palliative care and the nuts-and-bolts of green burial, if it has to do with death, we’re talking about it. We believe death awareness brings a happier end to a fuller life. 

WhenYouDie.org is where you’ll find clips from our upcoming documentary along with stories that inspire us, intrigue us, and help further a healthy discussion about death in our culture.

We don’t endorse every point of view in these stories but respect them and offer them up in the spirit of reclaiming death as a rich, challenging, rewarding, exhausting, heartbreaking, heart-filling, integral part of our human journey.

Share your story about death through images, text, audio or video 

Through personal stories and professional insight When You Die will make the case for taking death from the margins of society, and restoring it to it’s rightful place along side birth. You can contribute, too. What’s your death story?