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The Death Animals From Coco

Check out the trailer for our upcoming 2019 feature documentary!

Introducing In the Realm of Death and Dreaming

a film that begins at the end!

Since its origin, humanity has posed the question, ‘what really happens when you die?’ The presumed answers have defined culture, religion and community as we know them. Through a combination of near-death experiences, personal stories and scientific research, the documentary explores whether consciousness survives death, and why it matters when choosing end of life care.
The When You Die Project is proud to share our new trailer for the feature documentary In The Realm Of Death And Dreaming, the first film in an epic trilogy exploring our titular question.
The When You Die Project: 
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 From existential afterlife questions to palliative care and the nuts-and-bolts of green burial, if it has to do with death, we’re talking about it. 
We believe death awareness brings a happier end to a fuller life. 



Funeral director and founder of DIY Dying Shawn LaValleur-Adame and host Kelly MacLean discuss unorthodox burial methods like sending ashes to the moon, a volcano summit and the bottom of the ocean. 

Flesh eating mushroom suit, anyone?

You’ve eaten a lot of mushrooms in your life…maybe it’s their turn to eat you. Coeio’s Infinity Burial Suit with mushroom super spores is the only known way to return a body to the earth sans the hundreds of toxins accumulated in life. 

Death Ed is The New Sex Ed

Drs. Jessica Zitter and Dawn Gross pilot a program with the potential to transform death phobia in one generation.


Death Doula Jill Schock on ‘The Perfect Death’

Each body has its own way of shutting down due to illness or injury. In a natural death, your breathing will simply slow until it stops. That is out of our control. Eventually all of our bodies will wear down to nothing more than ashes and dust. But American culture struggles with accepting mortality. We don’t like to age; we don’t like ugly. Unfortunately, neither idealizing nor ignoring death will make it go away.

Of Death, Humor & Chickens

Somewhere along the line, I developed this theory that all jokes are simply little brushes with death. Man walks down the street whistling, slips on a banana peel and falls. He’s strolling along, ‘I wonder where you get a good sandwich around here’ and smack! He finds himself face to face with his mortality; bruising tailbone, and ego, alike.

Netflix ‘Afterlife Sci-Fi Dramas’ Not All Fiction

Fans of the Netflix sci-fi thrillers The OA and The Discovery, both of which weave tales of scientists researching the afterlife, may be shocked to know it’s not just the stuff of fiction. While the haunting plotlines are (thankfully) fantasy, their themes echo real clinical research into what happens to consciousness at the moment of death.

WhenYouDie.org is where you’ll find clips from our upcoming documentary along with stories we love—stories that inspire us, intrigue us, and help further a healthy discussion about death in our culture.

We don’t endorse every point of view in these stories but respect them and offer them up in the spirit of reclaiming death as a rich, challenging, rewarding, exhausting, heartbreaking, heart-filling, integral part of our human journey.

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Through personal stories and professional insight When You Die will make the case for taking death from the margins of society, and restoring it to it’s rightful place along side birth. You can contribute, too. What’s your death story?