In the Realm of Death and Dreaming DVD


Does Consciousness continue after death? A feature documentary directed by Johanna J. Lunn

Director Johanna Lunn guides viewers on a journey to find answers by exploring personal stories of near-death experiences, deathbed visions, and more. She speaks with the leading clinicians and researchers who have spent their careers studying these experiences and the nature of consciousness. Their stories are revealed with humor and compassion.

Exploring what happens after death not only helps us decide how we want to be cared for at the end of life, but it reduces our fear of death and that, as is often said, helps us live more fully.

Experts featured in the documentary:

Anthony Bossis, PhD,
Elly Claire Hart, PhD,
Dean Radin, PhD,
Penny Sartori, PhD,
Peter Fenwick, MD,
David Maginley, M.Div.,
Ann Marie Chiasson, MD,
Sue Brayne, MA,
Andrew Holecek, DDS,
Jill Schock, MTh

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Executive produced by JAMES H. HOAGLAND;
Written, Produced & Directed by JOHANNA J. LUNN;
Original Music by ASIF ILLYAS;
Narrated by JOHANNA J. LUNN;
Camera by Breton Hoagland, Kevin Hoagland, James H. Hoagland, & Johanna J. Lunn;
Sound Recording by JAMES H. HOAGLAND;
Animation by SARITA MCNEIL;

Developed in association with Centre East Media Inc.

For home use only. For public performance or educational licensing, contact

52 Minutes   © 2022 J & J Motion Picture Studio   Made in CANADA   English

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