Raising awareness about death

When You Die is a feature documentary and web project
that brings issues of mind and body together in the exploration of end of life care
and what happens when you die.

We at WYD are learning about what is happening in both the body and what is happening in the mind during the end of our lives. And that’s also led us to wonder about consciousness and just where “we” go after our bodies die. Make no mistake: this is a BIG question. And there are no definitive answers. But we’ve found some fascinating markers along this line of inquiry: from the current scientific research led by Dr. Sam Parnia, an expert in resuscitation medicine, to people who are saying that “understanding consciousness may require an upheaval in how science parses reality” to even stories from pilots who have experienced gravity-induced loss of consciousness. If you’re wondering about any of the stuff we’re wondering about, we think you’ll be amazed by what we’ve found.

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WhenYouDie.org is where you’ll find clips from our documentary-in-progress along with stories we love—stories that inspire us, intrigue us, and help further a healthy discussion about death in our culture.


We don’t endorse every point of view in these stories but respect them and offer them up in the spirit of reclaiming death as a rich, challenging, rewarding, exhausting, heartbreaking, heart-filling, integral part of our human journey.
Stories We Love

“My dying patients shared lessons about what they could have done, what they should have done, and what they didn’t do until it was too late. They looked back at their lives and taught me all of the things that were really meaningful, not about dying… but about living.”

The Wheel of Life, by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD

Share your story about death through images, text, audio or video

Through personal stories and professional insight When You Die will make the case for taking death from the margins of society, and restoring it to it’s rightful place along side birth.