Burial Practices

If you are trying to plan what will happen after your loved one dies, or you are simply interested in different ways to relate to bodies after death, take a look at these helpful reads: Funeral Practices from Around the Globe At-Home Funerals What Funeral Directors Have to Say About Home Funerals Caring For Relatives … Read more


CINDEA is a Canadian-based organization, which respects the wisdom of ancient death traditions and encourages the renewal of older death practices that are appropriate to our modern-day life.   In the past, communities cared for their own dying folk; and creatively adapted, that approach to death is still an option available to us.  CINDEA ‘s perspective … Read more

Welcome to the Templo Santa Muerte Where Death is Queen

Templo Santa Muerte in Los Angeles. Standing inside the Templo Santa Muerte in Los Angeles feels palpably scary and, admittedly, a little unnerving. The imagery strikes a darker chord than the jovial skeletons which ornament this same Hollywood neighborhood around Dia de Los Muertos. In the far corner looms the central figure of a skeleton … Read more