Raising awareness about death

WYD Podcast – The Future of Green Burial with Katrina Spade

Katrina Spade is popularizing the idea of ‘Recomposition’, a green burial method that converts human remains into soil. It’s among the most promising eco-friendly options that may be available in the near future. She discusses this unorthodox alternative to cremation and how it’s rise could change our approach to saying goodbye.

WYD Podcast – Better Path to the End of Life with Dr. Jessica Zitter

Dr. Jessica Zitter, author of ‘Extreme Measures’ and star of the Netflix doc ‘Extremis’ on what she calls the ‘End of Life Conveyor Belt’ most Americans wind up on and how introducing End of Life Ed in schools could change a death-phobic culture in one generation.

WYD Podcast – Aquamation with Joslin Roth: Water Cremation Explained

Jocelyn Roth, Co-owner of Resting Waters, Washington’s first aquamation site, explains the growing trend of water cremation (alkaline hydrolysis or aqua cremation) – legalized in California in October 2017. Kelly and Jocelyn discuss this and other “green burial” practices making their way into the mainstream.

WYD Podcast – ‘Dying to Know’ with Gay Dillingham: A Documentary on Timothy Leary & Ram Dass

Gay Dillingham, producer/director of ‘Dying to Know’ the documentary that chronicles Tim Leary and Ram Das’s friendship in the final days of Leary’s life shares her own tale of pouring her own loss and grief into the award-winning film.

‘In the Realm of Death and Dreaming’ Producer/Director Johanna Lunn on the 2019 Documentary

Johanna Lunn is the creator of  WhenYouDie.org and the producer/director of the upcoming documentary feature film In the Realm of Death and Dreaming. I sat down with her at the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona this summer, where she hopes to debut the film in 2019. Tell us about the new documentary! The WYD Project – the … Read more

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