Sue Brayne – Working Our Fear of Dying

Is it possible that our fear of death prevents us from living fully? For over 20 years Sue Brayne has been helping people to transform their relationship with mortality as a therapist specializing in trauma, as well as through her end-of-life research, workshops and books on spirituality, consciousness, and dying.

Jill MacFarlane – The Sharing Place where kids and their families cope with grief and loss

Since 1993, The Sharing Place in Salt Lake City has had a mission to “provide a safe and caring environment for grieving children, teens, and their families to share their feelings while healing themselves.”
Program director Jill MacFarlane talks to us about the value of this process and how telling the truth is the most important thing you can do when helping kids deal with their grief

James Morgan – Connecting Through Loss

After experiencing the devastating loss of their one-year-old baby boy, James and Catie Morgan found comfort in surrounding themselves with other couples who have also gone through the loss of a child. As a way of helping others, James devised the Buddys app, which allows people to connect with those who have had similar experiences.

It’s Your Funeral – With Kathy Benjamin

For most of us, our own funeral is an afterthought or, even worse, something we avoid thinking about altogether. For Kathy Benjamin, the very thought of her own impending death brought on crippling fear. So she decided the best way to remedy that was to deal with it the best way she knew how. By writing something funny.

Farewelling – with Karen Bussen & Elizabeth Meyer Karansky

 Loaded with resources, and easy to use tools for end of life planning, Farewelling is a one-stop online shop that lets users create meaningful memorial websites and live-stream ceremonies. Today I am delighted to be talking with the co-founders. Karen Bussen who came to the project with a solid career as a successful celebrity … Read more

Interview with Hospice Nurse, Julie McFadden

 Julie McFadden has been working as a hospice nurse for the past five years, and prior to that she worked in Intensive Care for close to a decade. Julie is passionate about educating people on what happens as we die. Her wonderful TikToc videos have made waves with over half a million followers, making … Read more

Jill Schock – Being a Death Doula in the time of COVID-19

The more people divide, the worse things are going to get. I hope that we’re able to see the nuggets of beauty in life and take advantage of those—of those moments, of those people, of those times, of those restaurant reservations, instead of isolating out of fear or anger, and coming together, really, instead.

Jill Chandler

Jill Chandler handled many roles in her life: performer, wife, mother. But when her husband Donald died, Jill became a young widow. She spoke with us about grief, loss, healing and the fact that life does go on.

Map of Memory Lane

Francesca has written a richly illustrated book for children that introduces the importance of memories of those we love who have died. Children are one of the most vital aspects of our society, and yet they are often the ones left out of important conversations, particularly about death. WYD speaks with Francesca about her new book.

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