Penny Sartori

Dr. Penny Sartori PhD is a skilled intensive care nurse, educator, and leading world expert on near death experiences. She has authored a number of books including The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences and also appears in the When You Die Trilogy.

Joél Simone Anthony – The Grave Woman

Joél Simone Anthony, better known as The Grave Woman, is a licensed funeral director and embalmer, a sacred grief practitioner, end-of-life educator, and so much more. We talk about the sacred nature of death care and the impact culture has on our views on death, grief, family roles, and our awareness of the cycle of life.
Joél can be found at:

Recipe for Remembering: Lunn Family Beef Bourguignon

Johanna Lunn’s father, Jim, died when she was young. Years later, facing a crisis in her life, she wished for her father’s advice. So she decided to invite his memory to dinner. In her short animated film, Dinner With Dad, Johanna talks about this ritual of remembrance. She made an old favourite, the Lunn Family … Read more

Helping Children Cope with Grief

We are living in a sad and confusing time, especially for a child. From COVID to the Ukraine, we are saturated with loss. And even if your child has been spared the horrors of the nightly news, the odds are they will experience, at some point, the death of a pet or grandparent or family member or friend or teacher or…. Grief and loss are part of life, but how do we talk to our children about it?

Farewelling – with Karen Bussen & Elizabeth Meyer Karansky

 Loaded with resources, and easy to use tools for end of life planning, Farewelling is a one-stop online shop that lets users create meaningful memorial websites and live-stream ceremonies. Today I am delighted to be talking with the co-founders. Karen Bussen who came to the project with a solid career as a successful celebrity … Read more

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