Raising awareness about death

WYD Podcast With Michael Brooke: Life Stories Are a Gift for the Future

Michael Brooke is a skateboarding historian and publisher who worked as an Assistant Funeral Director during the Covid pandemic. These experiences inspired his recent book Endless Wave: Skateboarding, Death and Spirituality and the creation of Time for My Story which works with individuals to record stories and memories of their life though words and pictures. The result is a beautiful magazine to be shared with family and friends. Endless Wave is available for free at: ⁠http://www.timeformystory.com/Endless-Wave/⁠

Time to Pause: A Special 3 part podcast looking at innovative leadership in the end-of-life-space Part 1 Alica Forneret: Supporting Grief in the Workplace & Beyond

Alica Forneret’s work focuses on how we can support each other through death-related loss and the grief sparked by, and before, end-of-life experiences. She is the Executive Director of PAUSE which supports Communities of Color through grief and end of life by hosting a mentorship/incubator program for individuals, business owners, artists, and concept creators working in the end-of-life space.

For further information visit: www.timetopause.org/

WYD Podcast With Day Schildkret: The Transformative Power of Ritual

Day Schildkret is internationally renowned as an author, artist, and teacher behind the Morning Altars movement, inspiring tens of thousands of people to make life more beautiful and meaningful through ritual, nature and art. Ritual is a powerful way to make meaning in times of grief and times of joy. More than ceremony, rituals can mark our experiences and open us to the wonder of life itself. Author of Morning Altars and Hello Goodbye: 75 Rituals for Times of Loss, Celebration and Change. Day can be found at www.MorningAltars.com

WYD Podcast With Olivia Bareham: Falling into Grief

Grief is both emotional and felt experience. If we have the courage to really feel grief, feel our humanness, then we can process it more fully – even though we don’t really know when it will end. Rev Olivia was trained in the 80’s as a Death Midwife during the AIDS crisis and has been supporting people at the end of life ever since. She is founder of the Sacred Crossings Institute, which offers classes and workshops in End-of-Life preparedness, as well as a Death Doula certificate training program. Rev Olivia is also one of the stars of our documentary Saying Goodbye: Preparing for Death.

WYD Podcast With Jude Higgins: Last Responder!

Death Doulas are important members of the team that make up, “Last Responders.” Jude Higgins is an Educator, Spiritual Care Coordinator, and Clinical Chaplain at Quality Home Health & Hospice in Salt Lake City, UT. As such, she has much insight into the role Death Doulas play in end-of-life care.

WYD Podcast With Penny Sartori

Dr. Penny Sartori PhD is a skilled intensive care nurse, educator, and leading world expert on near death experiences. She has authored a number of books including The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences and also appears in the When You Die Trilogy.

WYD Podcast With Joél Simone Anthony – The Grave Woman

Joél Simone Anthony, better known as The Grave Woman, is a licensed funeral director and embalmer, a sacred grief practitioner, end-of-life educator, and so much more. We talk about the sacred nature of death care and the impact culture has on our views on death, grief, family roles, and our awareness of the cycle of life.
Joél can be found at: theGraveWoman.com

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