Welcome Back Barbara Karnes!

In this episode host Johanna Lunn and Barbara discuss the future of dying. How hospice has changed. How to pick a hospice (not all hospices are the same.) The important role of end-of-life workers, and so much more.

Penny Sartori

Dr. Penny Sartori PhD is a skilled intensive care nurse, educator, and leading world expert on near death experiences. She has authored a number of books including The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences and also appears in the When You Die Trilogy.

When Ignoring the Holidays Is Not an Option

As the Holidays approach, excitement and anticipation come with it. But not for everyone. For those grieving it can come with dread and sadness. So many times we hear “it’s okay to ignore the Holidays” and while that is certainly true, not everyone can allow the days to pass without acknowledgement. For some, there are … Read more

Joél Simone Anthony – The Grave Woman

Joél Simone Anthony, better known as The Grave Woman, is a licensed funeral director and embalmer, a sacred grief practitioner, end-of-life educator, and so much more. We talk about the sacred nature of death care and the impact culture has on our views on death, grief, family roles, and our awareness of the cycle of life.
Joél can be found at: theGraveWoman.com

Sue Brayne – Working With Our Fear of Dying

Is it possible that our fear of death prevents us from living fully? For over 20 years Sue Brayne has been helping people to transform their relationship with mortality as a therapist specializing in trauma, as well as through her end-of-life research, workshops and books on spirituality, consciousness, and dying.

Jill MacFarlane – The Sharing Place where kids and their families cope with grief and loss

Since 1993, The Sharing Place in Salt Lake City has had a mission to “provide a safe and caring environment for grieving children, teens, and their families to share their feelings while healing themselves.”
Program director Jill MacFarlane talks to us about the value of this process and how telling the truth is the most important thing you can do when helping kids deal with their grief

James Morgan – Connecting Through Loss

After experiencing the devastating loss of their one-year-old baby boy, James and Catie Morgan found comfort in surrounding themselves with other couples who have also gone through the loss of a child. As a way of helping others, James devised the Buddys app, which allows people to connect with those who have had similar experiences.

Swedish Death Cleaning: What is it and why should you start now?

Spring cleaning has become almost a biological ritual. The winter has gone, the windows are open and we suddenly want to give the house a freshening up. We wash, we dust, we sort. Some things are tossed or re-homed. But what if we cleaned, not with the birth of a new season in mind, but use our own death as motivation instead.

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