Movies that deal with Dementia

Dementia is not a single disease. It’s an overall term to describe a collection of symptoms that one may experience if they are living with a variety of diseases, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Many face dementia-related issues at the end of their lives and others find themselves as caregivers. Yet, a study published in 2014 found … Read more

How Deathbed Phenomena Can Impact Those Left Behind

“Among the things we have learned about death is that there are also some exceptional experiences that occur around the deathbed that can have a profound impact on those experiencing or witnessing them. These are deathbed visions and deathbed dreams. “ In this article by Psychology Today, we see how these phenomena are not only … Read more

New Study Shows Some Patients Who ‘Died’ but Survived Report Lucid ‘Near-Death Experiences’

What happens when we actually die—when our heart stops and all electrical activity “flatlines” in our brain? Scientists have not given up on providing their own answers and are making some progress in better understanding the brain’s process of transitioning from life to death. Sam Parnia is an associate professor of medicine at NYU Langone … Read more

Study finds Near-death experiences tied to brain activity after death

“Absence of record doesn’t mean there’s an absence of consciousness…Ultimately, what we’re saying is, ‘This is the great unknown. We’re in uncharted territory.’ And the key thing is that these are not hallucinations. These are a real experience that emerges with death.” Dr. Sam Parnia Dr. Sam Parnia is the senior author of a new … Read more

Messages on the Wind

Telephone of the Wind by Alexander McBride Wilson

It started with Itaru Sasaki in Otsuchi, Japan. Devastated by the loss of his cousin and a strong desire to talk with him once again, a thought stirred in his mind. Just pick up the phone. Symbolically, Saski constructed a telephone booth in his garden. The phone booth housed a disconnected rotary phone that is … Read more

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