How to Be Helpful When Someone Dies (Besides Bringing Food)

When we hear that someone has died, we think of ways to help and one of those things is to drop off food at the home of the grieving family. The idea is to nourish the mourners to whom the last thing they are thinking of is food. But also knowing that many people are dropping by and rather than burden the … Read more

The Second Year After a Loved One’s Death

Jackson Rainer was a psychology professor for 25 years, researching grief and bereavement. All the while, he struggled with his wife’s genetic cancer syndrome which caused many presentations of cancer over their course of their marriage. Then she died. Rainer recalls the process and benchmarks of the grieving process, through the not often mentioned grieving … Read more

Grief is Healing In Motion

In this excerpt from Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home, Toko-pa Turner explores how grief is more than an expression of pain. Grief is our inner acknowledgement of what we value, a way of paying honour to what it dear to us, healing us, and ultimately freeing up a greater capacity to love. Read more here. Tags … Read more

Circle of Mothers – Healing, Empowering, Fellowship

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, created the Circle of Mothers as a way to empower women. The purpose of the Circle of Mothers is to bring together mothers who have lost children or family members due to senseless gun violence for the purpose of healing, empowerment, and fellowship towards the larger aim of community … Read more

Pet Bereavement

“…grief is grief…” This Huffington Post article, Pet Bereavement Is No Different Than Human Bereavement discusses what you might expect to experience when you lose your furry friend. We found it to be very helpful, and…true. Also, here is an article we put together on Five Ways Your Pet Has More Rights in Death Than … Read more

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