Map of Memory Lane

Francesca has written a richly illustrated book for children that introduces the importance of memories of those we love who have died. Children are one of the most vital aspects of our society, and yet they are often the ones left out of important conversations, particularly about death. WYD speaks with Francesca about her new book.

Racism and Death: Is it Possible to Die in Peace?

Death doula Alua Arthur brings six Black death positive leaders together to talk about racism in a predominately white industry and how to change it. The LA Times covers this ground breaking discussion. Read the Full Article here > > Tags death conversation, Death Culture, Racism and Death, Racism and Grief WYD TeamThe When You Die … Read more

The Final Act: How We Can Learn to Face Our Death With Clarity and Compassion

Playwright, director, and author Karen Malpede makes a compelling call for us to embrace the important conversation and ask the important questions regarding death as our last act. Read more here. Tags Corona Virus, death conversation, end of life, karen malpede WYD TeamThe When You Die team is committed to bringing death back into our … Read more