Map of Memory Lane

Francesca has written a richly illustrated book for children that introduces the importance of memories of those we love who have died. Children are one of the most vital aspects of our society, and yet they are often the ones left out of important conversations, particularly about death. WYD speaks with Francesca about her new book.

Andre Roupp — Life and Death as a Funeral Director

Death certainly teaches us to not waste our time, the God-given time we have here on Earth. We need to give a lot of love to those that are important to us in our lives, especially to our family, to our close friends, to give all that we can. —Andre Roupp

Barbara Karnes – Hospice Pioneer

“We are grieving so many losses,
and we don’t even realize that we’re grieving.” – Barbara Karnes

In conversation with Johanna Lunn, Barbara Karnes shares insights on self-care, best practices for frontline workers, global grief, and straight talk on end of life care.