Good Ground Great Beyond – A Place to Contemplate Death

Good Ground Great Beyond

Good Ground Great Beyond is 63 acres of land in Midcoast Maine available for individuals and communities to contemplate, remember and engage death differently.  The intention for the land is to become a contemplative community sanctuary, memorial park and scattering garden and space for open air cremation. Our mission is to gather minds and hearts together … Read more

Parents Rethink End-of-Life Decisions Because of COVID-19

Holly MacDonald recently turned 40 and is on maternity leave during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global crisis made Holly and her partner seriously consider their end-of-life decisions. If they were to die from COVID-19, who would take care of their girls?  “I would think that our generation is going to wake up and everyone’s going … Read more

Life in Death

Janie Brown is the Executive Director of the Callanish Society, a nonprofit organization she co-founded for people who are “irrevocably changed by cancer, and who want to heal, whether it be into life, or death.”  As a nurse, she considers the people she has worked with as teachers, and passes on their wisdom and experience … Read more

Welcome to the Templo Santa Muerte Where Death is Queen

Templo Santa Muerte in Los Angeles. Standing inside the Templo Santa Muerte in Los Angeles feels palpably scary and, admittedly, a little unnerving. The imagery strikes a darker chord than the jovial skeletons which ornament this same Hollywood neighborhood around Dia de Los Muertos. In the far corner looms the central figure of a skeleton … Read more

What Happens After Death? What Netflix ‘Afterlife Sci-Fi Dramas’ Got Right

Fans of the Netflix sci-fi thrillers The OA and The Discovery, both of which weave tales of scientists researching the afterlife, may be shocked to know it’s not just the stuff of fiction. While the haunting plotlines are (thankfully) fantasy, their themes echo real clinical research into what happens to consciousness at the moment of death.

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