Keepsake Memories

When Charmaine Haddad’s parents were both gone, the family still had items and clothing that had belonged to their mom and dad. Charmaine’s sister, Charlotte, took her mother’s fur coat and her father’s suede one and commissioned a local craftsperson to create Christmas heirlooms. The result was a combination of Santas that the family can … Read more

Green Burial

There’s a lot out there on green burial these days. Here are some of the basics to get you started! Eternal Reefs Bio Urns Tree Urns Not Accepted in Some Quebec Cemeteries Natural Cemeteries Aquagreen Dispositions – Depositing Liquid Remains into Sewer System Recomposition – converting human remains to soil Natural Burial The Green Burial … Read more

Five Ways Your Pet Has More Rights in Death Than You Do

Pets face all kinds of legal restrictions in life, but once they cross the rainbow bridge their bodies are freer than our own. Here are five ways your pet has more rights than you when it comes time to say goodbye. 1 – Their family can do what they want with the body Short of … Read more

Death Doula Jill Schock on ‘The Perfect Death’

Each body has its own way of shutting down due to illness or injury. In a natural death, your breathing will simply slow until it stops. That is out of our control. Eventually all of our bodies will wear down to nothing more than ashes and dust. But American culture struggles with accepting mortality. We don’t like to age; we don’t like ugly. Unfortunately, neither idealizing nor ignoring death will make it go away.

At the Bedside: What’s It Like?

In the Victorian era, birth and death happened at home, so people knew more or less what to expect. But that’s not true for us! And because we don’t talk much about death and dying we are left with whispered stories, scenes from movies, and random bits that cross social media.

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