Keepsake Memories

Photo courtesy of In Hattie’s Attic

When Charmaine Haddad’s parents were both gone, the family still had items and clothing that had belonged to their mom and dad. Charmaine’s sister, Charlotte, took her mother’s fur coat and her father’s suede one and commissioned a local craftsperson to create Christmas heirlooms. The result was a combination of Santas that the family can cherish for years to come. And they will help them remember their parents during the holidays.


This is only one of many creative ways that people are using various articles to create sentimental memory items. We have put together a few of our favourite ideas that you can make yourself. If you’re not crafty, you can always commission a local craftsperson in your area. Check out sites like Pinterest for ideas.


Before you donate all their clothing, pick out a favourite piece (or pieces) to make these sweet pillows. They also make heartfelt gifts to give to grandchildren to hug and hold when they are missing Grandpa.





Articles of clothing can also be cut up into squares to make a quilt like the ones suggested in Quilting Digest, or shirts can be made into an apron as shown on All Created.








If Mom, Grandma, or your favourite Aunt was a lover of costume jewelry, there are many ways you can save and use them to create memories. Pieces of her favourites can be used to decorate a picture frame to hold her photo. You can also create a completely new picture with costume jewelry as suggested by Dishfunctional Designs.


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