No casket, no cost: Tennesseans go back to ‘natural’ burial

Natural Burial is the most eco-conscious and low-cost burial option. In a societal environment where the commercialized, disconnected process of death has become the norm, many people find natural burial to be a more healing way to grieve, as they’re not as separated from the death of their loved one. Non-profit Narrow Ridge Center in … Read more

Green Burial

There’s a lot out there on green burial these days. Here are some of the basics to get you started! Eternal Reefs Bio Urns Tree Urns Not Accepted in Some Quebec Cemeteries Natural Cemeteries Aquagreen Dispositions – Depositing Liquid Remains into Sewer System Recomposition – converting human remains to soil Natural Burial The Green Burial … Read more

WYD Podcast – The Future of Green Burial with Katrina Spade

Katrina Spade is popularizing the idea of ‘Recomposition’, a green burial method that converts human remains into soil. It’s among the most promising eco-friendly options that may be available in the near future. She discusses this unorthodox alternative to cremation and how it’s rise could change our approach to saying goodbye.

WYD Podcast – Aquamation with Joslin Roth: Water Cremation Explained

Jocelyn Roth, Co-owner of Resting Waters, Washington’s first aquamation site, explains the growing trend of water cremation (alkaline hydrolysis or aqua cremation) – legalized in California in October 2017. Kelly and Jocelyn discuss this and other “green burial” practices making their way into the mainstream.

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