Five Ways Your Pet Has More Rights in Death Than You Do

Pets face all kinds of legal restrictions in life, but once they cross the rainbow bridge their bodies are freer than our own. Here are five ways your pet has more rights than you when it comes time to say goodbye.

1 – Their family can do what they want with the body

Short of burying your pet on public land, options for saying goodbye to a pet’s body are almost unlimited. From burying him in the backyard to—forgive us—the local landfill, there’s a lot more legal liberty when disposing of a lizard or dog body than, say, grandma’s.

3 – They can die at home

4 – Aquamation

Water cremation may now be legal for California humans, but it first made its debut on the pet funeral scene. Greener than burning bodies, aquamation is a highly popular option for pet burial and otherwise very similar to its molten counterpart—the family even receives ‘ashes’ back for scattering.


3 – They can be put to sleep when it’s time, whatever state they live in

Death with Dignity is currently legal in 7 states, with many more to vote on the ballot in upcoming elections. But for your pet, the right to be ‘put to sleep’ or ‘put out of her misery’ is age-old. Pet euthanasia is legal in all 50 states and it’s only been since the nineties more limitations have been put in place to ensure deed is done properly and with kindness.

5 – Taxidermy

Okay, you probably don’t feel envious of this one but just think — even if you wanted to have yourself made into a statue to scare generations of future offspring, you couldn’t. Jus’ sayin’.




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