Living Fully, Dying Consciously by Sue Brayne

“Living Fully, Dying Consciously” steps into the heart of the human condition to explore why our entire life is a psychological and spiritual preparation for death. Life is not easy, but when we accept that we are just passing through this physical existence it puts things into perspective. Confronting our fear of death and accepting … Read more

The D-Word: Talking About Dying

Brayne’s The D-Word is another practical guide to navigating a part of life that can arouse fear, awkwardness, even embarrassment. This in turn can “cause us to shy away from connecting with those who are grieving or those who are dying.” With anecdotes and direct guidance, this book helps us all prepare to open ourselves … Read more

Nearing the End of Life: A Guide for Relatives and Friends of the Dying

Sue Brayne’s Nearing the End of Life, written with Peter Fenwick, provides an unvarnished yet sensitive guide to what to expect during the dying process of a loved one. The guide focuses not on the minutiae of, for example, funeral planning, but on topics such as how to listen well and “what happens if my … Read more