Recipe for Remembering: Lunn Family Beef Bourguignon

Johanna Lunn’s father, Jim, died when she was young. Years later, facing a crisis in her life, she wished for her father’s advice. So she decided to invite his memory to dinner. In her short animated film, Dinner With Dad, Johanna talks about this ritual of remembrance. She made an old favourite, the Lunn Family … Read more


StoryCorps—the organization that encourages us to “help create an archive of the wisdom of humanity”—now has an app available through Google Play and the App Store. Go to: One man recorded an interview he did with himself in hospital after being diagnosed and initially treated for an illness that could kill him:… A young … Read more

A Will for the Woods

A Will for the Woods, which charts the story of Clark Wang, who was dying of lymphoma and wanted to organize his own green burial.

Crossings: A home funeral and green burial resource center.

“What is the single most prevalent fear for humans? Death. And what is the single most healing act available to humans? Love. In caring for the dead, we love. As an act of love, we are able to transform our overwhelming fear into something that fills us with awe.”

A Family Undertaking

A Family Undertaking

A movement in support of home burials in North America has gradually gained momentum over the past decade. Here’s one film that got the ball rolling, A Family Undertaking (2004), available on Netflix: Also available here (a link through

Tender Funerals: A Community Undertaking

Tender documentary

A home-burial movement is getting started in Australia, too. This documentary profiles the work of those trying to reclaim the care of their dead from large funeral businesses who monopolize the industry across the country: Tender Funerals: A Community Undertaking   

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