Five Ways Your Pet Has More Rights in Death Than You Do

Pets face all kinds of legal restrictions in life, but once they cross the rainbow bridge their bodies are freer than our own. Here are five ways your pet has more rights than you when it comes time to say goodbye. 1 – Their family can do what they want with the body Short of … Read more

Welcome to the Templo Santa Muerte Where Death is Queen

Templo Santa Muerte in Los Angeles. Standing inside the Templo Santa Muerte in Los Angeles feels palpably scary and, admittedly, a little unnerving. The imagery strikes a darker chord than the jovial skeletons which ornament this same Hollywood neighborhood around Dia de Los Muertos. In the far corner looms the central figure of a skeleton … Read more

Twilight: A Fantasy Photo Diary of Death

  Photographer Urszula Kluz-Knopek transformed the paralyzing fear of her parent’s death into a transcendent photography exhibit starring them. Here’s what Urszula had to say about ‘Twilight’. WYD: Where did the inspiration for Twilight come from? UKK: I am a late child of my parents. My first memories from childhood were about fear of dying of … Read more

Of Death, Humor & Chickens

Somewhere along the line, I developed this theory that all jokes are simply little brushes with death. Man walks down the street whistling, slips on a banana peel and falls. He’s strolling along, ‘I wonder where you get a good sandwich around here’ and smack! He finds himself face to face with his mortality; bruising tailbone, and ego, alike.

What Happens After Death? What Netflix ‘Afterlife Sci-Fi Dramas’ Got Right

Fans of the Netflix sci-fi thrillers The OA and The Discovery, both of which weave tales of scientists researching the afterlife, may be shocked to know it’s not just the stuff of fiction. While the haunting plotlines are (thankfully) fantasy, their themes echo real clinical research into what happens to consciousness at the moment of death.