Dying to Watch: Binge-worthy Series

Dead Like Me

Over the years many TV shows have dealt with death. From a family of funeral directors to a man in deep anger in his grief, these series have actually created a conversation about death and dying, sometimes comedic, sometimes touching and sometimes painfully realistic. When You Die team member, Kelley Edwards, picks and shares her favourite binge-worthy series. (Caution, there may be some spoilers ahead.)

A Dying Mother’s Letter to Her Daughters

A Dying Mother's Letter to her Daughters

If you were dying, what would you want your children to know? The story of Julie Yip-Williams is one of overcoming obstacles. But the obstacle over which none of us can triumph is the inevitable and Williams faces her death by writing a letter to her two daughters as her final gift to them. “I … Read more

Life in Death

Janie Brown is the Executive Director of the Callanish Society, a nonprofit organization she co-founded for people who are “irrevocably changed by cancer, and who want to heal, whether it be into life, or death.”  As a nurse, she considers the people she has worked with as teachers, and passes on their wisdom and experience … Read more

WYD Podcast – The Future of Green Burial with Katrina Spade

Katrina Spade is popularizing the idea of ‘Recomposition’, a green burial method that converts human remains into soil. It’s among the most promising eco-friendly options that may be available in the near future. She discusses this unorthodox alternative to cremation and how it’s rise could change our approach to saying goodbye.

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