Parents Rethink End-of-Life Decisions Because of COVID-19

Holly MacDonald recently turned 40 and is on maternity leave during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global crisis made Holly and her partner seriously consider their end-of-life decisions. If they were to die from COVID-19, who would take care of their girls?  “I would think that our generation is going to wake up and everyone’s going … Read more

A Dying Mother’s Letter to Her Daughters

A Dying Mother's Letter to her Daughters

If you were dying, what would you want your children to know? The story of Julie Yip-Williams is one of overcoming obstacles. But the obstacle over which none of us can triumph is the inevitable and Williams faces her death by writing a letter to her two daughters as her final gift to them. “I … Read more

Life in Death

Janie Brown is the Executive Director of the Callanish Society, a nonprofit organization she co-founded for people who are “irrevocably changed by cancer, and who want to heal, whether it be into life, or death.”  As a nurse, she considers the people she has worked with as teachers, and passes on their wisdom and experience … Read more

WYD Podcast – Better Path to the End of Life with Dr. Jessica Zitter

Dr. Jessica Zitter, author of ‘Extreme Measures’ and star of the Netflix doc ‘Extremis’ on what she calls the ‘End of Life Conveyor Belt’ most Americans wind up on and how introducing End of Life Ed in schools could change a death-phobic culture in one generation.

WYD Podcast – Aquamation with Joslin Roth: Water Cremation Explained

Jocelyn Roth, Co-owner of Resting Waters, Washington’s first aquamation site, explains the growing trend of water cremation (alkaline hydrolysis or aqua cremation) – legalized in California in October 2017. Kelly and Jocelyn discuss this and other “green burial” practices making their way into the mainstream.

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