Sheree Fitch – Part 1

Sheree Fitch is known for many things: an author of witty and wonderful children's books, an award-winning poet, a bookstore owner and a teller of stories. But in 2018 she became known as something else—a mother grieving the loss of her son.

To help her through grief, Fitch turned to what she knows best: writing. She began to chronicle her journey, never intending to publish, but to use it as a means of catharsis. But as the book began to take form, Fitch was persuaded to make it public, in hopes that it might help others who have become part of “that club to which no one wants to belong.”


Fitch says she looks at herself as a before and after: all the things she was known for before the death of her son Dustin and who she became after he died.  She spoke with team member Kelley Edwards about grief, her sojourn through it and writing her book called “You Won’t Always Be This Sad.”