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Living on a Timeline

June 22, 2016/0/0/

We all wonder what we’ll do, how we’ll react, if (or when) we receive news of our own or a loved one’s terminal diagnosis—and how we'll go on living when we have that information. This is the story of how one young, newly married couple did just that: They requested that doctors never tell them [...]

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Plan for Death As Though It’s a Birth

May 26, 2016/0/0/

Sheila Kitzinger was a "champion of women's rights in childbirth." She spent her career pioneering birth plans that secured choice and autonomous control for women giving birth. And in her death, in April, Kitzinger was no less influential. As her daughters document here, Kitzinger has provided a model of how to plan for the death [...]

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A Child Shows Us How to Mourn

December 2, 2015/0/0/

Listen to Chaplain Kate Braestrup as she shares the story of Nina, a five-year-old who insisted to her parents that she needed to visit her dead cousin and best friend Andy, a four-year-old, at a nearby funeral parlor.   While all the adults in Nina's life, including Braestrup, were unsure about how to proceed, the [...]