Love with the End in Sight

There’s nothing comfortable about considering that the people we love most in the world are eventually going to die. The alternative, though—ignoring that it will, indeed, happen one day—can leave us in a much less workable spot.

When Kate Tellers’ mother confesses to her daughter that she had been to a doctor and was sick, but stressed that “it wasn’t a big deal”—she’d have some chemo and she’d be fine. Tellers says, “I believed her, but I couldn’t un-hear that.”

“I felt,” Tellers says, “that I suddenly had to start considering a world with this big hole where my mom should be.”

What unfolds in this touching and funny account is how Tellers navigates the joys of having her mom alive and well, participating in their family’s lives, and the terrible thought, with mounting evidence behind it, that time is running out.