The End of Life Guideline Series by Barbara Karnes


Barbara Karnes, RN, is an internationally respected speaker, educator, author, and considered a leader on matters of end-of-life.

While present at the bedside of hundreds of people during the dying process, hospice pioneer Karnes noticed that each death was following a near-identical scenario. Each person was going through the stages of death in almost the same manner and the questions she was asked by the families of the dying person were very similar. This realization led Barbara to sit down and write Gone From My Sight, the “little blue book” that changed the hospice industry.

More books were to follow.

This collection was put together to contain 5 of the most popular books and includes:

A Time to Live: Living with a Life-Threatening Illness

Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience

The Eleventh Hour: A Caring Guideline For the Hours to Minutes Before Death

Pain at End of Life: What You Need to Know About End of Life Comfort and Pain Management

My Friend, I Care: The Grief Experience

These books can be purchased as a collection or individually, from Barbara Karnes’ website. 

We were so fortunate to have Barbara on one of our podcast episodes when she spoke with Johanna Lunn. You can listen to that podcast here




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