Resources For Understanding Death

Understanding death and learning about what happens when you die is at the crux of our mission. Here are a few key resources for you to delve deeper into topics such as the dying process, the funeral industry, dealing with tragedy, hospice care, and more. We hope to help bring the death conversation back into everyday life in order to live fully.


The Mourner’s Dance: What We Do When People Die


“Like many Westerners at the turn of the 21st century, my family and I had not had much to do with death,” says author Katherine Ashenburg. “In their 20s, my daughters had four living grandparents. Hannah had been to only two funerals in her life. This was our first experience with sudden death at a young age.”

The book, which emerged from Ashenberg’s observations of her daughter’s intuitive mourning process when Hannah’s fiancé was killed in a car accident, explores the delicate dance we do to transport ourselves back to the land of the living after we lose someone we love.

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