Día de Los Muertos As Told By Instagram

They say this time of year is when the veil between the two worlds is thinnest. Mexico’s Día de Los Muertos celebrates this special time by honoring ancestors and lost loved ones. For more on the history and customs of Día de los Muertos watch our latest short documentary. Here are some of the colorful sights from the holiday, as captured by Instagram.

As usual, people sported some pretty incredible outfits…




And, of course, flower crowns.


Flags flew.


Cookies and cocktails were enjoyed.




But the beloved dead were the stars of the show.


Including celebrities…


…especially Coco!


The alteras contain offerings to the dead like flowers, food, art, candles and sugar skulls.


The Mexican capital turned their stairway into a giant one.


Cemeteries in Mexico, California and beyond came alive with art, flowers, statues and offerings.


Until next year, espiritos!