In the Realm of Death & Dreaming

Does consciousness continue after death?

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Looking for ways to share In the Realm of Death & Dreaming with your members or clients? There are many ways we can partner together to help spread the death-positive movement, and alleviate fears that come with talking about death.

Host a Screening

Screen the film for your Organization either virtually or in person

  • Screening the film can be a great and unique fundraiser for your organization

  • Showcase it at a conference or festival

  • Screen the film for your members and clients to begin the discussion about death and dying

  • Want to make it extra special? Hire the Director, Johanna Lunn, for a private Q&A with your members, or invite local experts to join on a panel

  • Virtual events using Zoom can be easy and successful, our most recent event had over 100 attendees, all from the comfort of their own home!

Our deathcare community greatly appreciated the opportunity to view this incredible film and gather virtually to discuss the mysteries and wonderment of living as mortals

Share the Film With Your Students

  • Utilize our comprehensive Screening Guide, which comes with a 5 year public performance license to showcase the film as a teaching tool for students or staff

  • Many End-of-Life practitioners are finding the film useful in their trainings

  • Incorporate the film as a part of your curriculum for Death Doula trainings, Hospice and Palliative Care trainings, or Spiritual teachings

What Students & Viewers Are Saying

"The documentary validated a lot of what I have been studying as a clinician and an End of Life Doula."
"I’m an end of life doula, so I turned to this film for comfort, reassurance, and guidance so I don’t get lost in fear."
"It was evidence based and authoritative in its uncertainty. Profoundly thought-provoking."
"Expanded my perspective of the death experience as I continue my training and exploration as a death doula."
"I felt hopeful, encouraged and a sense of relief at the mystery, beauty, and transitions of death as described by the speakers."
"This documentary is so beautifully done and informative that it made me feel reassured and more knowledgeable about the biggest mystery we have about consciousness and what happens when we die."
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The film is a powerful tool for engaging members and branding your organization with an inspiring message surrounding the conversation about death.
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