The When You Die Documentary

The When You Die Documentary

Part One: In the Realm of Death and Dreaming

The When You Die Trilogy approaches the topic of death and dying in three parts, beginning with our upcoming documentary In the Realm of Death and Dreaming (2019). This feature addresses the big question: What happens when you die? Does consciousness continue? Are we just dust? What does science have to say about that? What personal experiences shed a light on that question? Riding the cutting edge of research we explore expert opinions on the subject (yes science is finally getting there) as well as profound personal stories of near death experiences, impossible death premonitions and communications from dead loved ones.

This first question sets the ground for the other two films – Anatomy of Death and Saying Goodbye. Where do you want to be when you die? At home or at hospice? Do you want a green burial? We examine such end of life questions and more. But first, we look death squarely in the eye and say, what are you?

Chief Scientist Dean Radin at the Institute of Noetic Sciences on physics, consciousness and death.

Should we be afraid of death?

Elly Claire Hart recounts her experience of dying after being crushed between two cars—and what happened next. “If someone has a fear that they’re going to move into nothingness or not be around anymore,” she says, “that was not my experience.”

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The When You Die trilogy explores what’s happening in our minds and bodies at end of life and beyond.

It’s time to reclaim the dying process as a profound part of our lives.

While we celebrate birth, we have made a cultural habit of pushing death away. 80% of us say we want to die at home, and yet 60% of us die in a hospital. Of those, 40% die in Intensive Care. As long as we treat death as a disease to be cured the cost to us will be dear: lost time with loved ones, prolonged suffering at the hands of medical institutions designed to cure death (rather than support the journey), and enormous funds spent on end-of-life care.

In the When You Die Documentary, we find that birth and death are profound passages to be honoured and protected. Both are messy and painful—but in these moments, we find our humanity is more extraordinary than we could have ever imagined.

Stay tuned here as we share some of the stories that are informing the When You Die documentary:
  • Accounts from medical professionals who witness the phenomenal things that occur in the body and mind as we near death.
  • Reports from average individuals who have been to the edge and back.
  • Findings from scientists who are studying, documenting and probing into the great mystery of human consciousness.