Resources For Understanding Death

Understanding death and learning about what happens when you die is at the crux of our mission. Here are a few key resources for you to delve deeper into topics such as the dying process, the funeral industry, dealing with tragedy, hospice care, and more. We hope to help bring the death conversation back into everyday life in order to live fully.

Relating with Mesothelioma

"It’s never easy to lose someone you love. Losing a loved one to an aggressive cancer such as mesothelioma can be even more difficult, because a family member or close friend may be taken far too soon, bringing a sense of shock with feelings of grief, sadness and even depression."
"For information on the prognosis of mesothelioma, click here."     As well, the Mesothelioma Center has created a Grief Guide for you to peruse online or download and study at home. Learn more here >>    
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Caitlin Doughty speaks to Fresh Air’s Terry Gross

Summary:     Caitlin Doughty is out to reclaim death. The Los Angeles mortician, author, and founder of the 'Order of the Good Death' and 'Undertaking LA' speaks to Fresh Air's Terry Gross about our society's reluctant relationship to death and how honesty is the cure.       Audio Source:  
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Conversations on Dying: A Palliative-Care Pioneer Faces His Own Death

Summary: This is an intimate and honest conversation with palliative-care pioneer Larry Librach throughout his own journey from cancer diagnosis to his death in 2013. Librach dedicated his life to helping patients navigate their final stages—with this book, author Phil Dwyer compassionately documents how Librach faced and prepared for his own death.
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