Jill Schock – Being a Death Doula in the time of COVID-19

The more people divide, the worse things are going to get. I hope that we’re able to see the nuggets of beauty in life and take advantage of those—of those moments, of those people, of those times, of those restaurant reservations, instead of isolating out of fear or anger, and coming together, really, instead.

How Grief Works

­It’s pretty safe to say that grief is one of those emotional bullets that’s

Jill Chandler

Jill Chandler handled many roles in her life: performer, wife, mother. But when her husband Donald died, Jill became a young widow. She spoke with us about grief, loss, healing and the fact that life does go on.

Map of Memory Lane

Francesca has written a richly illustrated book for children that introduces the importance of memories of those we love who have died. Children are one of the most vital aspects of our society, and yet they are often the ones left out of important conversations, particularly about death. WYD speaks with Francesca about her new book.