An Interview with Francesca Arnoldy

Join Francesca Arnoldy (Contemplative Doula) and Johanna Lunn (When You Die Project) for a robust discussion about Lunn’s new documentary, including Q&A with end-of-life doulas.

An Interview with a Grave Gardener

It is because of my grave gardener mom that I’ve grown to become a death-positive woman. I’m a woman who considers death a part of life.

Grief Speaks

Each culture has its own traditions, rituals and ways of expressing grief and mourning.

Michael Hebb — Death Over Dinner

“Death is the Medicine. We often think about medicine as a thing that staves off death, that keeps us from death, that battles death. And it’s a pretty powerful thing to invert that and to think that death itself is actually the medicine.” — Michael Hebb

What My Dad’s Death Taught Me About Life

Paul Ollinger didn’t shed a tear when his dad died. Instead, he was flooded with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for his father’s life and the lessons he left behind.